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ABCD March 2022

March 27, 2022

Nine members of Artists’ Book Club Dove met on Zoom last weekend.

Clare is pleased with her new refillable fountain pen (no more plastic cartridges!) This raised memories of school inkwells and scratchy dip-pens. She has made a loop-stitch book on one of Rachel Hazell’s online courses. She has been drawing during her Flamenco classes, has made a skirt in which to dance, and will soon be embarking on the creation of jackets.

Due to recent events, Thalia’s painted peace banners have taken on a life of their own.

Bron has made a glorious book using inks obtained from trees. No trees were damaged in the making of this book!

Judith has used her passport!. She has been to Brussels for cultural activities, including a Korean exhibition and to Spa for – what else? – a spa-break.
She has finished the big blue book that she started on a course with Massimo Pollelo.

Caroline has made a beautiful three-section book on a course with Guy Begbie.

Judy currently has a mokuhanga print and some books in Take 5 Artists’ exhibition at Upton House Gallery Upstairs, Poole. It is open till end of Monday 28th (tomorrow).

Judy Warbey mokuhanga print

Jane is looking forward to starting a new indigo vat when the weather is warmer. I foresee more blue books!

Janine has completed a second book of historical family photos.

Carol could not be with us but she has sent photos of this book of lively and exciting lino prints with 3 colours. Book cloth cover. ‘Syncopation’: An irregular beat as pages do not always open as expected and the print is ‘off -beat’.

Ama’s new book is a collaboration with John Rowlands-Pritchard, whose beautiful lettering of the poem titles illuminates the text. 15x21cm, edition of 26 A-Z. 32 pages. Recycled paper sewn with blue waxed linen thread. The fly-leaves are blue handmade banana-fibre paper.

My other recent book is Broomfield, October, a record of the Desire Lines group visit last autumn to Fyne Court. The lettering on the back cover was a surprise gift from John Rowlands-Pritchard. The book is printed on Elliepoo recycled paper and card, and sewn with brown waxed linen thread. 12 pages, folded at fore-edge. 10.5x15cm. Edition of 25.

Ama Bolton, Broomfield October

Our April meeting will be, we hope, in real life at the Dove on Saturday 9th.
Finally, a selection of fragments from my record of the meeting.

March Dove-droppings

back view of the cat
see the fluff
filling the screen

old sarong
upside-down teeshirt
loop-stitch binding

a whizzy line
sucks up ink
retrograde progress

Madonna of Glastonbury
with all that chaos
peace and war and art

I boiled a book
a brown book
mapping the overload

escape from Brexitland
underwater currents
the battle of the squirrels

what is hidden
and what is revealed
art in the jungle

memories of Kashmir
enormous pages
how I love silk

steam rising
wintry trees
long blue skies

Compiled by Ama Bolton

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