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Project 2017

I have joined Sue Boyle’s Project 2017, a diverse group of poets each of whom has a different project. Every six weeks some dozen of us (out of a total of  more than thirty) meet in Bath to report on progress and to participate, in many ways, in the projects of the others. It is a stimulating , often exhausting day, and a great privilege to be part of a such a lively and gifted group. Sue is a brilliant tutor who offers a wealth of learning opportunities. How much we achieve is up to us, of course, but for me it’s been a productive year so far. My own project is to write a book-review per month. I’m not doing very well on that front, having completed only three by the middle of May! But I have had three poems accepted by print magazines and two three published online. The reasoning behind my review project is that it will make me a more attentive reader and perhaps a better writer. The sub-plot is to divert attention from the fact that my three manuscripts have so far failed to attract the interest of any publisher!

A Fury of Yellow, by Robin Thomas
Ice Mountain, by Dave Bonta
Scarlet Tiger, by Ruth Sharman

Recent publication:
Obsessed with Pipework
I have a poem in the latest Cinnamon Press anthology.
Poets online (see under prompts Punctuation, Angels, Triggering Titles and Fairytales)
Right Hand Pointing

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