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ABCD July 2021

July 17, 2021

Ten of the thirteen members of Artists’ Book Club Dove met in Dove Meadow on 10th July for a bookish tea-party. Books old and new were passed around the circle, or (in the case of Judith’s monumental book Microseasons of the Dart) displayed on a table. Bron had baked feather-light scones, Clare provided a tin of her famous flapjacks, and others brought cakes, strawberries, cream and jam. The rain stayed away and it was almost hot at times.

Here is Microseasons of the Dart, by Judith Staines. Summary of a year of walking by the river Dart and collecting plant and other materials. You can read about the 72 Japanese microseasons here. Front view of the book:

And back view. The cover is collaged from papers coloured with botanical inks.

Here is Bron’s book, The Turning Year, finished that morning! It includes mokuhanga prints and handwriting in botanical inks.

Clare brought her current wild-swimming journal, watery covers enclosing observations in words and watercolour. Coptic-sewn with four needles.

Journal, Clare Diprose

This is a family of small books folded from cyanotypes by Janine. The second photo is her colourful silk appliqué accordion book.

Cyanotype books, Janine Barchard
Silk applique accordion book, Janine Barchard

Pauline and Jane brought some of the fruits of a course with Kathryn John.

Botanical inks by Pauline Pearce

Some of Jane’s samples are shown below.

Those who did not see it last time were able to handle our great album of ancestresses, Grand Women, beautifully bound by Bron and Judith, with cover title embroidered by Janine, cover linings by Kate and title-page by Judy.

A few more pages were added to our pandemic blizzard book, Strange Times.

Next meeting, by zoom or in person (who knows?), 4th September. And here are this month’s eavesdroppings.

July Dove-Droppings

I had to buy more bottles
in the middle of nowhere
on the mineral railway line

what stitch is that
with no shoes on
a date with a bottle of gin

raining in Glastonbury
between the hills
wedding bells

what are your weeds
bindweed I hate it
it’s a beautiful strangler

not making hay
come and glean
a handful of something

the front is the back
waiting for pages
they will come

it seems a distant dream
no point stopping there
nobody is a problem

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  1. Ann Mackay permalink
    July 18, 2021 10:23 am

    ‘The Microseasons of the Dart’ is very beautiful. I loved seeing all the work in this post – very inspiring (including the eavesdroppings).

  2. August 29, 2021 10:13 am

    Thank you Ann. Always good to hear from you.

  3. September 12, 2021 9:24 am

    Very beautiful and inspiring! I should start again to create own books again. I did a few decades ago and I still like them very much. As I have so many sketches and small drawings sure something interesting should emerge.

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