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ABCD May meeting

May 28, 2019
I was far away last Saturday, but thanks to Janine and Jane I have some photos.
The first two show Janine’s embroidered tunnel-book Hazel Walk.

Janine Barchard Hazel WalkJanine Barchard Hazel Walk 1

Next, Clare’s Ash.

Clare Diprose Ash coverClare Diprose Ash open


Nina’s book Caught in a Bind, inspired by the legend of Tristan and Isolde joined together by ivy from their separate graves.

Nina Gronw Lewis Ivy openNina Gronw Lewis 2Nina Gronw Lewis 1

Jane’s book, inspired by the carol The Holly and the Ivy.
Jane Paterson HollyJane Paterson Holly 1

One of Thalia’s Alder booklets.

Thalia AlderThalia Brown Alder

And another.

Probably Thalia Brown Alder

Karen (Willow)

Probably Caroline Mornement BrambleProbably Karen Young


Caroline (Bramble)


Some prints by Bron.

Probably Pauline Pearce Birch


Two double-pages for our collective book: the introduction, and Judy’s page.

Intro to collective bookJudy Warbey page

And a couple of images of my book Oak.

open book 2open book
Our next meeting will be on 22nd June.

Clare kindly scooped up the May Dove-droppings for us.

three monsters flowered
at the weeping spot
that’s what perpetuates the whole thing

the tree that bleeds
loose-leaf etchings
the leaves were picked for us

hand-stitching over each twig
when you’re not being watched
we weren’t allowed to

I couldn’t remember the direction
I have to put it in upside down
at night you don’t see that

soya milk to mordant cloth
how many I’ve had to make
we’re all a bit fuzzy

buttered willow and boiling beetroot
mice nibbled mine
from pale to deep

all the loud people
called out of Latin
to look after my jackdaw

this book has my intentions
the whole rigmarole of the story
it changes shape

one chapter is missing
the cones are still growing
such small pieces

the cover is the first thing
trust the printer
make more bundles

sit on their shoulders
longing to see the inside
the field has to be seen

I don’t need a name
look at your nettle
I’m wilting inside

don’t come
start with the book-book
a fox trotting along the fence                

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