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Lines from my Twitter feed #2

March 13, 2022

(9th March 2022)

Are you ready for a pizza party?
Only a monster targets pregnant women.
Our country has gone mad
it’s demoralising.
Invest in stocks and crypto!
Easyjet could owe you compensation.
Find a healthier balance
increase the vegetable patch
make things right
buy my new collection.
Women cannot send their sons to die
every day is a memorial day.
Exclusive member deals!
Solar panel output 43%
(see the parallel universe.)

Of course, it’s not a poem. Just a few lines I copied into my notebook because I was struck by the absurd incongruities.  The solar panel line was tweeted by a robot from the otherwise uninhabited North Atlantic island of Rockall. Its usual tweet (which I enjoy immoderately) is “It’s pissing down again on #rockall.”

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  1. March 14, 2022 2:14 pm


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