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February 27, 2022

We waited anxiously for the storm, going to sleep downstairs in case the roof came off.
Eunice did not arrive until 10am.
Our roof stayed on.
But the spire toppling from a local church made it to the national news and brought back memories, fifteen years later, of Hot Fuzz, filmed here in Wells. At our son and daughter-in-law’s smallholding an ash tree was blown down, blocking a footpath, the beehive was knocked over, and the shepherd’s hut, a couple of tons of steel and wood, shifted 18 inches downwind. The bees, a colony evicted from a church roof last year, seem to have survived. This afternoon we cleared most of the fallen timber. The large ash had brought down a hazel and a hawthorn, both of which will probably grow again. The small stuff will be chipped for mulch and the logs will be fuel next year or the year after. The ash had much dead wood, and there were signs of rot in the living wood. The ash trees so characteristic of this landscape are disappearing.

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