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ABCD February 2022

February 18, 2022

Twelve of us, plus a few dogs and cats, gathered virtually on the 12th. Once again we are grateful to Thalia for the use of her Zoom account.

Caroline and Judy have been making books with Guy Begbie. Here are two of Judy’s.

Janine has made another book of family history. She writes: “Today I stitched the pages into my book and found it works much better if they are a concertina, so will remake it now.” It’s a concertina stitched to a concertina. A beautiful structure.

Bron, Judith and Judy have been making big blue books with Massimo Pollelo, using experimental calligraphy techniques. Here are some pages from Judy.

Some pages from Judith:

And here is Bron’s book, Singing the Blues, 50cm high and 20cm wide.

Jane is working toward mapping Collard Hill. I went for a walk there with her yesterday. The views are spectacular, including Dundon Beacon and Lollover Hill, where spectators stood to watch the Battle of Sedgemoor in the summer of 1685. We even saw Brent Knoll in the misty distance. The first primroses were in flower. The trees have so much character! Deer-damaged Beeches and Arthur Rackham-ish wind-sculpted Hawthorns.

Lollover Hill (centre). To the left is Compton Dundon church and its famous ancient yew tree.

Caroline is interested in ideograms …

Pat told us about a forthcoming exhibition at East Quay in Watchet: a collaboration between Kathy Hinde, audio-visual artist, Amy Howden-Chapman, artist and writer, and Liv Torc, spoken word artist. Group visit in the summer, anyone? It runs from 21st May to 31st August.

I’m hoping everyone (and Bron’s newly-planted hedge) survived Storm Eunice unscathed. Our next zoom meeting is on March 12th. Meanwhile, here are the

February Dove-droppings

every man in Clevedon
without words
without sound

somebody in a bowler hat
peeping through the bushes
a smarmy man

gave me this rose
but I prefer the locust
folded from bamboo leaves

books of nothing
a chained library
not an invitation

huge dead thistles
where blue butterflies breed
a flat-pack beetle

idle miserable and winterish
gremlin sitting on your shoulder
get the knife out

trying to unpick
lichen chemistry
it keeps evolving

not too literal
red circles on white
re-enact the last pageant

I can still do it
drawing with a syringe
writing with a needle

my brain rebooted
to edit out the controversial
stage one of Brexit rehab

random mokuhanga prints
they emerge and disappear
into the valleys and the mountains

snake festival in Kerala
flora of Iceland
Australia next Christmas

(Compiled by Ama Bolton)

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