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ABCD October 2021

October 15, 2021

There were nine of us at the zoom meeting of Artists’ Book Club Dove on 9th October. Our thanks to Thalia for the use of her account.

Here is our book “Grand Women” on display at Two Rivers Paper in the new Arts Centre in Watchet.

Photo by Judith Staines

Judith has been rather more productive than some of us.

Concertina book of Mokuhanga prints by Judith Staines

“Cotinus blues and other leaves” – Judith. The method is a closely-guarded secret! For online courses, see here.

“My concertina book of dipped handmade papers is on its way to Japan for IAPMA exhibition in Toyota paper museum. Sadly I cannot go too!” -Judith.

“A hairy book for India Flint course” – Judith.

Clare showeed us her Scilly camping sketchbook. The last picture shows the bold exploits of a nocturnal oil-thief. She has also completed another two swimming sketchbooks.

Jane has started a lift-the-flap book of masks, seen here held together with paperclips.

Jane Paterson work in progress

Pauline has found a tin of old photos, including this one of her lost grandmother..

She has been experimenting with botanical inks. Lovely colours and shapes.

Judy is excited about words! Every stroke is a meditation.

Janine has completed her page for our Blizzard book “Strange Times”, visual and verbal snapshots of 2020.

Carol could not be with us, but she has made a flower-fold book from her recent experiments in printing one ink on top of another.

Caroline too was missing. She has sent a photo of a couple of pages from her diary of her new house, Bales, a house of straw.

Our next meetings will be on November 13th and December 11th, either in the print Studio or on Zoom. Meanwhile, here are the

October Dove-droppings

dark and even darker
a locked book
they’ll have to break in

art in a bottle
mosquitos in front
eclipsed by a cat

sealed and half-burnt
in Boudicca mode
a dead deer in the river

I fell into all three
longhorn caddis flies
the purple something

experiments with iron
liberating the colours
a mad book of masks

Penelope Circe Ariadne
alive in spite of everything
my missing grandmother

the word was made song
wayfaring lines
stop and look

a tidal island
dark brown and ancient
the pink elephant moth

weeding and mulching
preparing the ground
everything changes

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