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ABCD June 2021

June 27, 2021

Bron has saved me the trouble of writing most of this post! She writes:
“Yet another lovely meadow meeting of ABCD. Half of the group present: Ama, Judy, Janine, Bron, Caroline, Thalia and Jane. The weather was dry but no sun this time, so we sat in a green jungle, mostly in coats! It was very pleasant.
I described how Judith and I had bound the Book, and Jane had made a calico bag to keep it safe in. I also put it to the group to decide whether they wanted to look at it now or wait till July when more people might be present, including Judith who had a great deal to do with it, but who had also told me she didn’t mind whether we got it out this meeting or next. So there was a unanimous decision to have a look, especially as it meant that half the group will have seen it by the next meeting, leaving more time for others to also go through it. I’m not posting a photo as it is really best encountered for the first time ‘live’, so here is Jane with the mysterious bag….”

Photo by Bronwen Bradshaw

Bron and Judy have been taking an online course with the one and only Guy Begbie. Do have a look at his website.

Secret Belgian binding by Bronwen Bradshaw; French case binding by Judy Warbey
Buttonhole binding by Judy Warbey
Secret Belgian binding by Judy Warbey
Soft-cover architectural zine by Judy Warbey

The Gallery Upstairs at Upton House near Poole has been showing Judy’s intricate calligraphic interpretations of some of The English Cantos by James Sale in The Wider Circle: A Journey with Dante. “An exhibition inspired by the startling yet accessible epic poem HellWard by James Sale. With Dante as our guide we journey into hell and back, accompanied by evocative artwork by artists Linda Sale, Angela Perrett, Judith Warbey.”

Calligraphy by Judy Warbey

Caroline brought some of her travel sketchbooks and an album documenting the progress of her straw-bale house.

Turkey sketchbook by Caroline Mornement

Jane brought two of her driftwood books.

And Janine showed us some embroidered boxes.

Judith was in Shetland – she has been sending fabulous photos and I am sick with nostalgia!
She made and photographed this magnificent book “Microseasons of the Dart” before she went. One big book combining Guy Begbie techniques and Alice Fox thinking and making for winter placemaking. Loosely based on walks along the Dart.

Carol could not be with us. She has been enjoying a butterfly and moth course, found by Judith, at Halsway Manor in the Quantocks. 

I (Ama) brought the Blizzard Lockdown Book’s spine and cover, with some of our pages inserted, but didn’t think to photograph it. Next time!

Bron continues:
“And then we turned to the future…stepping out….
Caroline said she’d enjoyed the research involved in the Grand Women book and also the Tree Circle book. She had brought along a photo of a giant Teasel which had arrived in her garden, and has been looking into all things Teasel. Could we perhaps make books about plants that interested us? To which I added the idea of having an exhibition in the Tree House Library next year, and that I had originally imagined the house as a Field Study Centre, specifically for our fields here in the Butleigh East Field. A new exhibition of books about wild plants other than trees would be wonderful in respect of this. I also said that I am in talks with SAW about a Walking project for next year, i.e. guided walks round the countryside here. An exhibition at the Dove would be a great addition to this, and I’m sure other ideas would grow from this too. Amazing Space 4.
Thalia said she would like to do a book based on a place, rather like the Place Making some of us have been doing with Alice Fox. This could perhaps be married with the idea for the exhibition. More discussion needed next time.

We also agreed that the research for the Grand Women book had been fascinating too. How about we (next year as well) have an exhibition elsewhere, centering on the Grand Women book but with other books that go more in depth into social history that was revealed. For instance, I’m planning a book about the Welsh Drovers.

The next meeting is July 10th, our last Summer Meeting: it is going to be cream tea and cake!
And finally, but most importantly, Saturday was a day of celebration. Not just solstice: Nina and Mark got married! And Pat had a birthday! So congratulations to all concerned.

Our Blizzard Lockdown book is looking good but needs a couple more pages to complete it.”

Finally, what you’ve all been waiting for, the edited highlights.

June Dove Droppings

not even had any thunder
rounding up sheep
too much yellow rattle

a year and a half of survival
I lived three weeks in a cave
the beds were tombstones

Somerset cannibals
piles of skulls
fire engines with pumps

I’m interested in next year
that’s optimistic
it needs finishing

take a year
take a book for a walk
the most difficult binding on the planet

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  1. June 28, 2021 8:00 pm

    Such beautiful work by all of you – this blog is always an inspiration!
    Julie X

  2. June 28, 2021 9:22 pm

    Thank you Julie. Always good to hear from you!

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