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“Heart of a Man”

March 29, 2021

From both sides of the Atlantic there has been news of horrific acts of violence by men against women. Bystanders of both sexes are shocked, hurt and angry; many women are incandescent with rage. It has become impossible to ignore the fault line between the sexes. I believe this rift to be a product more of learned attitudes than of chromosomes. And it damages men as well as women.

How timely then is the arrival of this rich and thoughtful anthology, which seeks to foster peace and understanding between the sexes. I read it and was granted unexpected insights into the lives of the other half of humanity. But it’s not for women only. Men I know have read it and thought deeply about the quality of the fathering they recieved and gave. The way we bring up our children, and the examples we set them, are vitally important – potentially a matter of life and death.

As a lover of books as aesthetic objects, I am delighted by the quality of the paper, the print, the layout and typographic choices, and the idyllic illustrations. The writing itself is as varied as you’d expect; the best of it is strikingly good and transparently honest. You can dip in and spend five minutes with a story, or an evening with one of the themed sections, each of which is introduced with humour and sensitivity by the editor. It’s not a difficult read but it will raise some difficult questions. Some of these stories will have you laughing out loud. Some could make you cry.

You can buy it from Vineyards Press. Or, if you must, from Or, if you’re local, borrow it from me!

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  1. March 30, 2021 12:34 pm

    I’ll gladly borrow it sometime, but don’t put me first on the list, I have a Neanderthal tome to get through first! (Happy to swap if that floats your boat)

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