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Poetry tips and birdy pics

August 1, 2020

Find the StAnza poets’ tips here. The first two are sound only, while the others are short films.

John Glenday advises, “Write less”. A poem is a conversation between poet and reader: leave room for the reader. If you listen to nothing else, please listen to these three and a half minutes!

Shehzar Doja: “Always carry a small notebook”. I can think of no better advice.

Gerry Cambridge remembers George Mackay Brown’s advice to practice writing in strict forms. Craftsmanship, Gerry says, leads to confidence – enjoy the process – don’t be afraid of making a mess – read widely; other poets are your signposts.

Anthony Anaxagorou too recommends keeping a notebook. And imagining impossibilities. And borrowing a line from another poet (but be sure to give it back!)

Jen Hadfield, in her beautiful film-poem, pleads for a balance between words and silence. Well worth a few minutes of your precious time.

Inspired by Jen, I made a little film and tried to put it on Vimeo. Vimeo insisted on editing all the meaning out of it. The sound-track was completely jumbled up and the poem made no sense at all. Can anyone offer tips to a complete beginner? I’ve watched some tutorials but they assume a level of knowledge far beyond what I possess.

Ditto the panic-inducing WordPress block editor. I’ve watched the help-video and it’s like trying to follow instructions given far too fast by a bright teenager. 

To calm me down, here are some photos from last weekend. Birdwatching near Flamborough with my daughter.

IMG-20200725-WA0024 smlIMG-20200727-WA0037 smlIMG-20200727-WA0019 smlIMG-20200727-WA0015 smlIMG-20200727-WA0026 sml

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