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As I was out walking

July 3, 2020

17 Jbts sml
Just before the storm broke on 17th June. I was 20 minutes from home. I made it back before the rain that refilled our empty water tanks.

28 Wingnut
Afternoon light through a magnificent CaucasianWingnut tree in The Combe at Walcombe, just north of Wells city centre. An awe-inspiring place to walk in any weather, any season. I feel it is a secular, outdoor alternative to the Cathedral.

26 shadows 10 sml
Morning light on the footpath from Wells to Haybridge.

Hollyhocks have appeared in unlikely places: in St Cuthbert’s churchyard (left) and near the moat (right).

01 Palace fieldsI went to Tor Wood on 1st July. A pair of ravens made a great to-do above Palace Fields. I didn’t catch them in this photo, but I did notice how out-of-place the Giant Redwood looks: far taller than any other tree nearby, and probably planted not much more than 100 years ago.

01 Vipers Bugloss
Echium vulgare: Viper’s Bugloss, Snake flower, Blue devil. Growing in the gravel near the entrance to the old Mendip Hospital Cemetery, now a wildlife sanctuary.

02 Mallow
I walked to the spring in Coxley the other day. Beyond Keward the verge was bright with clumps of Malva sylvestris, Common Mallow.

02 Milestone sml
As I passed the old milestone I noticed that the spelling of Bridgwater has changed.

02 Littlewell
Every time I fill my water-container at Littlewell I have an irrational impulse to turn off a tap.
Every time!



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