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More planting

January 27, 2020

I helped my son to plant 297 poplar rods one afternoon last week. Including strimming and measuring and marking out, the job was done within three hours. Fortunately the weather was milder that day; for the previous few days the ground had been frozen.

The cultivar is Oudenburg (Populus deltoides x Populus nigra), for short-rotation coppice for fuel. The carbon calculation is simple: the wood absorbs carbon while it grows, and releases the same amount when burnt. The trees after coppicing keep on growing and absorbing more carbon.

Today my legs are beginning to feel as if they belong to me. Perhaps two hours of dancing fast American squares and contras immediately after 297 squats wasn’t a great idea!

the first 120 poplars

The hedge on the left is a two-year-old wind-break of Alder and Elaeagnus, aligned north/south.

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