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ABCD in November

January 19, 2020

Artists’ Book Club Dove met early in November. Last year! I have been busy panicking about not having done my tax return (now completed) and have only just now got round to writing about our meeting.

Bron reminded us that 2020 will be the 20th year of making books at the Dove. It is my 18th year. We decided that in the coming year we will extend our bookbinding skills, with workshop sessions based on Keith Smith’s manuals and The Art of the Fold, by Hedi Kyle. We may invite local-ish bookbinders to come and teach us new skills. We will share information about sources of beautiful and useful papers and tools. What we will not do is work towards an exhibition (though perhaps there may be a small one in the Tree-house Library.)

Some of us will be working on Pat’s year-long hedge project; the April meeting will address this. Some books were recommended: Linescapes by Hugh Warwick, Ecology of Hedgerows by John Dover, Robin Tanner’s Woodland Plants (Impact Books, out of print) and A Natural History of the Hedgerow by John Wright.

Some of us are participating in Lydia Needle’s “50 Bees” project.

We agreed that we would all look for a book or other text as a personal source of inspiration for next year’s work.

Due to a commitment to attend a tea-dance in Melksham, I was present for the morning only,  hence the rather sparse
November Dove-droppings

oh here we go
nitrogen in the Himalayas
she is weaving a hedge

in March I’ll be in Delhi
we take the stick insect to Pembrokeshire
we had a praying mantis called Jezebel

the only book-artist in Clevedon
mine’s in a basket in the kitchen
in Paradise Lane

I have made, for the Tree-house Library, a book of the script for A Conference of Trees, using a lovely photo from Bron’s blog for the cover. I have a few extra copies available at £10 – all proceeds will go to the tree-planting fund.


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