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A treasure in my inbox

November 1, 2019

“The poem, in a sense, is no more or less than a little machine for remembering itself … Poetry is therefore primarily a commemorative act.”

Don Paterson

Sometimes I come across a piece of writing – often a blog-post – that I want to remember. An erasure poem is the “little machine” I often use. Underneath my text (words or parts of words in the same order as in the original) is the source text with a different story. It’s not original writing – the words are not my own – but I think it is a creative activity. Here’s one I made today. I do recommend reading the source: fine writing with gorgeous photos. I won’t forget it now!

carve the name
(erasure derived from )

across the world
the shoreline gave lessons
in the ocean

came a hand on the sand
early and late
face to face

at sunrise
charmed light
the magic dawn

the sea making marks
the slanting light
embellished with stars

beautiful final hours
all the letters
just being names for air

and fire rising golden
early and late
for light and shadows

and water
the dance advancing
filling and erasing

and earth
walked on by people
careless of art

a dervish to carve every name
and the sun sank
still dancing


Posted by Ama Bolton

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