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Poets performing in prison

October 6, 2019

October 3rd, the twenty-fifth National Poetry Day, was celebrated in the former prison in Shepton Mallet with a powerful reading in B-wing by eighteen poets. This performance was mistress-minded by Rosie Jackson, who also led an excellent and astonishingly productive writing workshop in the morning. It is an extraordinary venue, oppressive and chilling, with a long history.

Some of the poems, printed on large sheets of translucent paper, were displayed in the cells on the top floor. Here is one of mine.

Home in prison small

And here is a group photo of all of us: Geoff Dunlop, Michelle Diaz, Rachael Clyne, Ama Bolton, Morag Kiziewicz, Mike Grenville, Dominic Fisher, B Anne Adriaens, Dawn Gorman, Deborah Harvey, Rose Flint, Pat Simmons, Rosie Jackson, Claire Crowther, Jo Waterworth, Stephen Boyce and Kate Semple. Not necessarily in that order! I loved taking part in this wonderful event with so many great poets. We had enough of an audience to make it all worthwhile.

Poets in B-Wing small

Posted by Ama Bolton. Photos courtesy of Rosie Jackson.

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