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Highlights from “Circle of Trees”

September 16, 2019

I very much enjoyed my two days of stewarding at ACEarts in Somerton, spending time with the books/other works and with visitors.

Here are the books of the circle of thirteen trees of the Celtic calendar according to Robert Graves. We start with Pauline Pearce’s Birch: lino-prints, leaf prints, drawings and snippets of folklore in a large-format book with a wrap-around cover fastened with a section of birch twig.

Pauline birch
Pauline 2Pauline also made a chunky little zigzag book of prints.
Pauline small book
Next is Carol Wood’s Rowan (21 Jan-17 Feb), a book of intricately cut-out pages.
Carol rowan
Clare Diprose’s Ash (18 Feb-17 March) comes next: an ikon-like triptych and a small book of poems.
Clare 1
Clare 2
Clare ash
Thalia Brown made several books and booklets on the theme of Alder (18 March-14 April). She made good use of the startling colours found within the timber.
Thalia 2
Thalia 3
Karen Young’s book My Willow (15 April-12 May) is an accordion structure with inserted pamphlets.
Karen willow
Judith’s Naming the Hawthorn (13 May-9 June) is beautifully designed and made using a variety of handmade papers.
Judith hawthornJudith colophon
My book of Oak (10 June-7 July) is a single-sheet Coptic binding of  A4 photo-poems.
Ama oak 1
Ama oak 2
Jane Paterson’s The Holly and the Ivy is quite outstanding. The first photo shows the book, closed, with its Japanese-style case. The second shows one of Jane’s Mokuhanga prints. Holly represents the lunar month 8th July to 4th August.
Jane holly and box
Jane holly
Jane holly 2
For Hazel (5 Aug-1 Sept), Janine Barchard made a machine-embroidered tunnel-book to lead us into a hazel wood, a smaller book of wildlife associated with hazel trees,
Janine tunnel book
and a book of cocoon-silk pages with hazel photos printed on organza.
Janine silk book
For Blackberry (2-29 Sept) Caroline Mornement made a triangular book “Among the Brambles”, illustrating in watercolour and charcoal some of the creatures that depend on brambles.
Caroline bramble
Nina Gronw-Lewis’s book for Ivy (30 Sept-27 Oct) is inspired by the legend of Tristan and Isolde. In one version of the story, an ivy plant grows from Tristan’s grave and roots itself into Isolde’s grave, uniting them in death.
Nina ivy
Judy Warbey, whose tree was the Guelder Rose (28 Oct-24 Nov), made a set of triangular pyramids, one for each tree. Graduated in size, they nest into one another with Birch, the largest, as a container.
Judy Circle
Pat Wolseley’s book illustrates the characteristics of Elder (25 Nov-22 Dec).
Pat elder
These books were complemented by Charlotte Humpston’s exuberant banners of the Ogham names for the trees
Charlotte 1
and her book “Ogham”,
Charlotte book
and Bronwen Bradshaw’s very large book of etchings with letterpress-printed text.
Bron title page
Bron 3
Bron 2

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  1. Nina Fenner permalink
    September 22, 2019 6:00 pm

    Wow they are all beautiful books, and very inspiring, I am so in awe of your group. I have recently volunteered to take over the running to the “Bookbinders in Cornwall” so perhaps I will get a group of book artists together one day?

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