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ABCD July: folding and sticking

July 21, 2019

Last Saturday we started to put together the first copies of the book to which each of us has contributed a double page. It was a day of folding and sticking with Pritt – which is made from potato starch, sugar and water! It’s non-toxic and archival. I can stop feeling slightly ashamed every time I use it in a book.


Folding and sticking

Judith brought some handmade baskets back from Tanzania, where she has recently been working. They came from two projects, Vikapu Bomba (“fantastic baskets”) and Womencraft‘s Refugee Feature Collection. The baskets are strong and beautiful, and they smell good, too!

baskets from TanzaniaConversation was wide-ranging, as usual, this time with grandparents, mysterious deaths and bizarre embalmings predominating. Lunch was a feast. Recipes were hastily noted. Clare has sent this link for her delicious Raspberry Bakewell. Afterwards we had a first read-through of “A Conference of Trees”, in which each of us will play the part of our own tree — in my case, the Oak.

July Dove-droppings

new passions for old hearts
I flew back from Tanzania to do this
not an occupation for the senile

I am doomed to watch the Tour de France
bits of wood everywhere
last time I was in the Pyrenees

some surplus basketry
I had three grandfathers
you’d have noticed an African princess

my Irish grandfather would be 168 now
bang it down at the stuck side
number 8 is going to be weird

chopped him up as a mark of respect
and preserved the pieces in alcohol
it was open coffin two years after

my greatest ambition was to be a ball-boy
Neale Fraser and us in the shrubbery at Queens
great uncle not found, presumed eaten

with chopped parsley and cubes of Comté cheese
that groovy guy who does the gardening thing
globe artichokes for bees and birds

Our next event:


Artists’ books by the ABCD group

AceArts, The Old Town Hall, Market Place, Somerton TA11 7NB.

31 August – 7 September

Private view Friday 30 August 6-8 pm, with first performance of “A Conference of Trees”, words by me, performed by ABCD and with music by Maya Love and Bron Bradshaw.


Posted by Ama Bolton on 21st July 2019


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