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ABCD 6th April

April 18, 2019

Artists’ Book Club Dove met on 6th April. We are making progress with our books for the Circle of Trees.

Caroline has been making blackberry ink and drawing with it.


Clare is well on the way, with minimalist prints and text, paintings, and collage.

Clare 1Clare 3aClare 4Clare 5Clare 7

Carol has re-made her lino-print and cut-out book, and a second book with cut-out pages only.

Pauline 1Pauline 2Pauline 3Pauline 4

Pauline has made some beautiful Celtic-style hand-cut type.Pauline 5

Jane is struggling with her Holly-themed book’s tendency to look like a Christmas card.
Janine is making small books on Celtic themes.
I have made several more photo-poems.

Bron made delicious nettle soup and served it in her own hand-made dishes. So beautiful!

Nettle soup

I think these willows at the Dove are offering ideas for masks.

Some of us went to BABE, the (Brilliant) Bristol Artists’ Book Event, at the end of last month, and my next post will be about that. Meanwhile, here is a link to Bob Bolick’s post. I do recommend this really excellent blog.

Also a link, as requested, to Anna Raven’s blog-post about saving bugs (and, by implication, us etc) from extinction. Anna’s posts are infrequent and always worth reading.

Finally, here are my rather lengthy eavesdroppings.

April Dove-droppings

it’s building an empire
entering the territory again
taking no prisoners

make it bleed
scramble across both pages
ok do what you want fine

there are stragglers
slow books
quirky in the quercus

batology is not the study of bats
they nest in the hollow stems
waiting for time

blackberry ink from Waitrose
a triangular idea
I’ve done it both sides

I do a whole thing on witches
insect life transformed
too much like a Christmas

to bleed or not to bleed
I redid the blind drawing
with a birchwood fastening

not too literal
foliage and a hospital bed
stages of growth and death

god told me not to
I am a deadline person
making it up as I go along

I know beetroot isn’t a tree
I had a tequila moment in a tent
I discovered a hidden talent

my fascinator had gathered
a couple of little umbrellas
a gin and a bit o’lemon

a whinchat has eyebrows
it’s got legs
there was a feather somewhere

would it look wrong
inappropriate and rubbish
we nearly talked about it


Posted by Ama Bolton on 18th April 2019

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  1. April 25, 2019 7:05 pm

    Love the Willow masks!

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