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ABCD 16th March

March 18, 2019

We met at the Dove last Saturday to review progress with this year’s big project on the thirteen trees of the Ogham tree calendar in the Dove Meadow.

Karen has been mono-printing for end-papers, and dyeing and embroidering on slub silk for book-covers.


Jane is using the old carol “The Holly and the Ivy” as a theme for her book. Here are two pages from her sketchbook.

Jane 1Jane 2

Thalia has been closely observing and photographing Alder trees, and painting with inks derived from various parts of the alder.

Above: the colours of cut alder wood. Below: the life cycle of alder catkins.

Below left: lichens on alder trees. Right: birds among the catkins.

Below: painting with alder ink.
Thalia 7

I have finally settled on making a book of A4 black and white oak tree photos with short poems. Here are two. I have made thirteen so far.

Janine has made progress with the embroidered panels for her tunnel-book. This photo does not do them justice. When held at the right distance apart they make a hazel wood you could lose yourself in –- unless you followed the path! Wildlife and other details are still to be added.

Judy has been experimenting with folded and sewn structures.

Judith has just come back from Singapore and is finding the Hawthorn to be a tree of opposites and contradictions; she has ideas for an epic dystopian poem about Huath the Destroyer. Watch this space!

Bron is doing experimental work combining etching and paper-clay. Again, watch this space.

Books, exhibitions etc recommended during the meeting:
Ireland’s Trees
Sacred Trees of Ireland
Botanical Dyes on Wood by Rebecca Desnos
Sculpture exhibition at the RWA until 2nd June
Belgian Chocolate Cheesecake from Aldi
Rough Guide (forthcoming) to the Liberation Route in Europe
Salisbury Cathedral has an exhibition Bookbindings Ancient and Modern in partnership with the Wessex Guild 2nd – 11th April, with a Discovery Day on 6th April.
Cut and Fold Templates

Next Meeting is on April 6th, when we need to bring  a double-page spread for inclusion in our communal book, working title “Circle of Trees”.

March Dove-droppings

sculpted by the wind
the shadows are dancing
a sequence of decay

they cut down a whole wood
unlucky and protective
to build Salisbury cathedral

Penrith Marmalade Festival
totally unsuitable in my office
bend the tongue to get it in

the Bishop of Chichester
and in Bexhill-on-Sea
the Maharajah of Kooch-Behar

exactly like branding
gives off a poisonous gas
he’s not just the glue on the roller

not a footprint anywhere
I pulled up a beetroot
they often grow alone

do trees communicate in winter
a cemetery in the snow
defrost and eat

posted by Ama Bolton



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  1. Judith Staines permalink
    March 18, 2019 7:31 pm

    Loving the Dove droppings this month!

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