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ABCD Exhibition October 2018

October 22, 2018

We took down the exhibition this morning. Here are some photos I took during the week. A week of interested and interesting visitors made for very enjoyable stewarding. John Rowlands-Pritchard’s serene and timeless inscriptions on the walls made a perfect contrast and complement to the busy gathering of our books on the tables. It is a lovely room with a matchless view.

On the theme “Shadows”: In the Shadow of her Brother by Nina Gronw-Lewis,

Etched in Time by Caroline Mornement, and Summer Shadows by Judith Staines.

Various interpretations of “Loose Ends”, by Clare Diprose, Judith Staines, Judy Warbey, Pauline Pearce and Carol Wood.

“Bridges” by Caroline Mornement and Janine Barchard.

“Frozen” by Clare Diprose and Janine Barchard.

“Connections” by Karen Young and Pauline Pearce.

“Nostalgia” by Clare Diprose and Carol Wood.

And a few others: a meditation book with pages dyed with plants and a book of sandwiches eaten while crossing the Severn Bridge from Nina Gronw-Lewis, Jane Paterson’s Stone-age Satnav and tunnel-book, and Karen Young’s winged accordion.

Lastly, a couple of my books on the theme of “Navigation”.

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