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East of the Moon and West of the Sun

September 27, 2018

Harvest Moon and Hay Hill smabove: Harvest moon over Hay Hill

I have written before about making water-kefir. The recipe can be found at the bottom of this post.

During the drought this summer my live culture started to look unhappy and to grow very slowly. I suspected it was something to do with the tap-water. I started visiting the well at Littlewell, about a mile south of Wells, and using this water instead. The improvement was immediate and dramatic! Now the culture grows so fast that I use it instead of yeast to make bread. It rises more slowly but has a lovely taste and texture. I use an un-measured mixture of flours – mainly spelt, with additional oat, buckwheat and maize flours. I always have spare culture to give away, if anyone would like it.

On Monday morning I walked to Littlewell, and back home with 6 litres of spring-water on my back. The harvest moon was descending over Hay Hill and the sun was about to rise over Launcherley. As I bent over the well to fill my bottles I thought of the Biblical women at wells and the men they met there. I didn’t meet anyone, by the way; it was too early in the day!

Sunrise sm

Filling the bottle sm

Littlewell sm

The well is nicely maintained by the owners at Littlewell Farm, who ask only that people should not park in their entrance. There is a convenient lay-by opposite. The spring rises in the field on the other side of the busy A39 and has been piped here. The water has been naturally filtered through the strata of limestone and is pure. It seems to run at a constant rate regardless of rainfall or drought. It used to be the main water supply for the village of Coxley before the “Bristol water” was laid on..

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