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ABCD in July

July 23, 2018

Six of us met at the Dove on Saturday. The morning’s show-and-tell involved feedback that was more probing and rigorous than usual, and I for one found this really helpful. Some of this focused on the importance of choosing the right paper for the job: thickness, opacity, strength, grain direction and fold-ability were issues.

Clare’s work for “Navigation” was a series of triptychs in a box: examples of a woman’s mental map for locating her man’s mislaid items! They are illustrated with drawings and home-made rubber stamps and a fold-out map. A witty and appealing piece.


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Carol’s book addressed “Navigation” too. She made three mini-maps and folded them into pockets in a thick paper wallet.

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My 4-page flutter-book on the theme “Unconscious Travelling” was a Friday-afternoon job: both cover and text pages were unsatisfactory and the colours clashed horribly. However, helpful suggestions were made, and Bron generously offered me a photo of one of her etchings for the cover. It is one I have, framed, at home, and is entitled Ararat. My book is called The Slopes of Ararat, part of a line that came to me in a dream, complete with music.

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Below is a new version.

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I also brought a related book, Twelve Border Crossings, a Coptic-sewn set of Turkish map-folds documenting a long-ago journey home from India.

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Judith’s book on the theme “Shadows” is a beautifully-made cased hardback with a recessed photo on the cover. Judith has been to several workshops with the Society of Bookbinders, and we can see the difference it has made.

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Caroline also worked on “Shadows” – she made a hardback album of photos and prints.

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Bron showed us a book she had made while snowed-in for ten days. It fits the theme “Frozen”

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July Dove-droppings

gentians and unicorns
liberated into space
on the wrong side of acetate

I like books you can explore
the small one is too dark
a different saturation

two things about the secret
criss-cross or Belgian
someone else was doing it

shadows on the doorstep
I keep seeing it
when I don’t need it

The next meeting will be on September 29th, when we shall be selecting work to go in the exhibition in Wells Museum in October.


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