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Writing by hand

July 21, 2018

Last weekend I was at the Dove Studios for  a short course “The Handwritten Word” with artist/activist/calligrapher Kathryn John. I have rediscovered the joy of writing with a fountain-pen, experimented with a crayon taped to a long stick, copied “copperplate” script, written with a pointy Japanese nib and a thick bamboo pen dipped in inks made from oak-galls, boiled beetroots, eucalyptus bark and avocado skins, thoroughly enjoyed making a mess, and met some lovely people.



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I couldn’t help gathering some Dove-droppings:

physical calligraphy
stick the nib in a potato
add vinegar and salt

avocado stones for pink
a handful of sharp things
holes burnt with a hot needle

somewhere to go back to
between feeling and expression
it is solved by walking

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  1. Jane Paterson permalink
    July 22, 2018 9:22 am

    Dear Ama So glad you enjoyed the hand written word course. It did sound fun and I loved the “droppings”! I am wondering how the meeting went yesterday and what conclusions were come to. I would be very interested to know if you have a moment. This is such a beautiful part of France, deep valleys full of sweet chestnut trees and our own stretch of river to swim in with water so clear you can see the fish and the water boatmen’s shadows. Wonderfully colourful insects too. It is seriously hot though. Happily only 29 today but 35 promised for the rest of the week. Museums are cool though and fascinating local history of Huguenot silk production. Am sleeping in an ancient magnanerie where silk worms were reared on tiers of staging to produce the silk. Bad times for the women and child workers though. Have a day to myself so must do some thing productive while it is cool enough. I hope you are enjoying your new calligraphic skills! With love Jane

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