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ABCD: Navigation

June 27, 2018
Once again I was unable to be at the Dove last Saturday, but Jane has kindly sent photos and notes. Any errors are my own and can be corrected if they are pointed out to me!
Karen’s amazing folding skills are displayed in her flag-book “Flotilla”, which contains origami boats and (I’m guessing) a poem by Ross, her poet-in-residence.
Karen Flotilla
Karen 2
Caroline has been catching up on “Plastic” – last month’s theme – with “End Ocean Plastics” and “Message in a bottle”. For “Navigation” she made a do-a-dos structure. One side has photos of sailing and the other illustrates the use of the sextant.

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Judith had been to workshops with Sarah Jarrett Kerr. She showed a slip-case covered with Tyvek, a versatile thin but robust form of plastic which can be decorated with a variety of media including watercolour and acrylic paints, a Tyvek-covered box which she sandpapered to make the joints smooth, and a book “Just Follow the Blue Line” about an 80km cycle-ride in Japan. This book fits into another Tyvek-covered box.


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Judy’s “Navigation” is a single-sheet folded zigzag book of maps, accompanied by a compass, in a square box.
Judy navigation 2

Thalia has started a book of notes on navigating in the countryside.

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 Jane made a stone-age sat-nav in the form of a zigzag piano-hinge structure.
Jane stone age navigation
The next meeting is on July 21st, and all four remaining titles were picked out, so it’s a choice of Ocean, Subconscious Travelling, Shadows, Protest or Bizarre (or a combination of  any!)
The final meeting before our exhibition (in Wells in October) will be on September 29th.
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