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ABCD: Plastic

May 14, 2018

I could not be at the meeting on Saturday, but Jane has kindly sent me pictures and captions to share here. So this report is really by Jane Paterson.

Judy’s colourful plastic pyramid on cotton bud feet explodes out like a lotus flower.
“Flowers belie the toxicity of the plastic”

Karen’s plastic-free book has wooden letters and contains a poem about plastic pollution by her husband, Ross.

Thalia made three books on the subject of tea bags. The first is an envelope book entitled “Is there plastic in your tea?”   Tea bags book 2 is made of tea bags  and 3 is a hanging
book made of plastic lined teabag pockets.

Judith had sandwiched vintage advertisements for plastic objects between plastic sheets which she fused together with an open flame. “You have to be careful not to burn the house down!”  She admitted the process released toxic fumes, which we all found alarming!


Carol had made an accordion book with extra pockets and folds containing cuttings about the problems of plastic pollution.

Clare had made a dramatic hanging book, its colourful pages made up of heat-bonded strips of plastic bags.  Considerable anxiety was expressed about the dangers of releasing toxic fumes in the bonding process!

Jane had revisited a derelict industrial size greenhouse which had become a plastic mausoleum. She photographed the tattered plastic shading, the shrivelled plastic on the staging and the multiple stacks of pots and trays to make her book, “Plastic Requiem”.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Janine has sewn a plastic book of woven and machine embroidered strips of plastic bags.  “The process sounds horrible” but the effect is jewel-like. The photos above are by Janine Barchard.

Janine BridgesHere is Janine’s book for the topic “Bridges”, a zigzag with pop-out bridges.

Carol Over the Edge
Carol’s “Over the Edge” is a beautifully made continuous star-fold book of lino prints with book-cloth covers.

Carol FrozenAlso by Carol, a fold book of Lino prints depicting her experience of a frozen landscape caused by the “Beast from the East”.

Carol Frozen 2
Another “frozen” book from Carol: “A Fairy Tale Tragedy” written for a grandchild using found illustrations.

The next meeting will be on Saturday 23rd June, and the word is “Navigation”

Clare has compiled this month’s Dove-droppings:

Clare’s May Dove Droppings

warm hearts
good daggers
ordinary tension

keep every single plastic bag
your machine didn’t mind
a phobia about sticky labels

nicely nasty
it has to be felt eyes closed
grain to grain

a tactile book
from a horror film
it keeps coming through

cotton bud feet
stitching ash
not finishing anything

a theory about men in hats
smooth with a smoky
mausoleum to plastic

is it a star fold?
it is now!
I drown in them

two stuck together
what a shame
a poor offering

plastic in your tea
rotting bubblewrap on the back
take your own tupperware

I didn’t have a plastic foot
a waterproof skirt and paper knickers
you have to be careful not to burn the house down

it explodes – listen
liberated toxic fumes
warn… close the… seek medical…

so close to death
fortunately I had things in the fridge
I skin the broad beans


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