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ABCD: Over the Edge

February 11, 2018

It was a day of dreich and dismal weather, but the February meeting of Artists’ Book Club Dove sparkled and glowed with brilliant books and ideas. And the food was hearty and warming.

Jane was inspired by Cliffs of Fall, a poem from Helen Dunmore‘s last book of poems, and made a performing book of photos of the unstable cliffs at Burton Bradstock on the Dorset coast. It teeters on the edge and a nudge will send it cascading down from its plinth.

Jane Over the Edge

Jane also made a Secret Belgian bound notebook …

Jane Secret Belgian

… and a “fishbone” and other folded structures.

Jane folds

Continuing with the theme, I showed my cascading book What the Birds Said. I learned this structure from “Woven and Interlocking Book Structures” by Claire van Vliet (Janus Press, Vermont USA 2002.) Each line of a poem of five couplets is wrapped over the edge of a page. The connecting spine-strip is cut from an outdated hydrographic chart that includes Rockall and St Kilda.

Ama 3

Karen showed her stab-bound book about Guillemots, who breed on cliffs in colonies called loomaries, from the sound the birds make. The book includes her husband Ross’s lovely poem A Leap of Faith.

Karen Over the ledge

Karen first opening

Janine brought three versions of her book Bridges, which combines photos of bridges with maps showing their location. She brought the beginnings of a book illustrated with hand-cut rubber stamps of sliding teapots …

Janine Bridges

Clare brought a journal of her recent stay at Halsway Manor in the Quantocks.

Clare holiday book

Bron showed two versions of a small square zigzag book of six etchings from Lauzerte, and some much larger recent etchings of trees at the Dove, a quince and a weeping ash.

Bron Lauzerte 1

Bron Lauzerte 2

On the theme Connected, Nina made a tiny zigzag book of images of walnuts and brains, connecting the two halves of a walnut-shell.

Nina Connected

Thalia’s book is a layered accordion (layered paper and layered themes) that can be read in many different ways.

Thalia Over the Edge

Thalia other side

Pauline brought a maquette for Over the Edge. I hope to include a photo of the finished work when it’s ready (when the ink is dry!) It will contain monoprints inspired by industrial buildings with fire-escapes and other high viewpoints standing out from the edges of the pages.

Caroline showed us a maquette for Going to the Wire. which represents a trap or refuge for crayfish, with scrolled messages held in the crannies.

Caroline Wire book

After lunch Pauline guided us through the folding of one kind of map-fold.

Pauline map-fold

Our next meeting will be on March 17th. The theme drawn out of the pot is “Frozen”, and Judy will show us how to do stick-calligraphy. Lastly here are the

February dove-droppings

I’m only here for the flapjacks
the little ones are called jumplings
they swim to Norway and come back in April

I tried again
and then I tried again
did you try it the other way round

first I thought of lemmings
and then I went with teapots
hanging dangerously from a futtock

I have to come out at night
I discovered only by drawing it
this one even had an Excel spreadsheet

it came full of chestnuts
I started with a walnut
and a glass of red wine actually

the Magnet shop doesn’t sell magnets
just waiting for the ink to dry
is it a fly or is it a spy

they don’t know what we have for lunch
the last of my winter apples
gunpowder tea and hibiscus

that feeling of falling
a mutterance
have we finished

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