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ABCD: Bridges

January 15, 2018

Jane kindly hosted our meeting on Saturday.

Judy had finished her Loose Ends book, “Silks from my Grandmother’s Embroidery Selection”, using her own book-cloth to cover the book.

Caroline used her own book-cloth and Janine’s photo transfer method to make a small flutter-book called “Bridges”.

Caroline 2

Her second book on this month’s topic was a sculptural re-use of books to make a bridge.

Pauline has been catching up! First, she showed us the finished version of “Nostalgia”, a sturdy board-book bound in a faded denim book-cloth cover.

Pauline 1

Then “Connection” a collection in a miniature writing-desk.

Next, “Loose Ends” a year#’s accumulation of proofs, mostly lino-prints, arranged in a folding triptych.

Pauline 2

And lastly “Bridges”, constructed from Japanese-style prints on very thin paper, pasted on a long strip of heavy paper, folded and cut to form bridges. The photo does not adequately represent this lovely book.

Pauline 4

Nina had not yet made anything, but she brought one of the wonderful Tara publications to show us.

Tara Waterlife

Clare’s book was inspired by Lemn Sissay’s words “All of our stories are bridges to others”. It features a pop-up bridge that is also a letter.

I had realised that I live on a street of seven bridges, so I went out and photographed them. My book was no more than loose sheets that I’d printed that morning. I finished it at home. Here it is. Probably not the final version.

I also brought “Wild Swan”, a precious little meander-book by Sarah Hymas. I have several of Sarah’s books. I love them.

Thalia’s yoga-inspired french-doors structure centres on a quotation about the Bridge of Serenity.

Thalia 1

Carol’s book contains a poem and lino-prints inspired by a microscopic organism, Euglena, that bridges the divide between plant and animal.

Judith showed us her biography of a Swedish sea-captain with strong Japanese connections, and told us a little about the extraordinary story of him and his descendants. The book is a bridge between different people, places and times.


Judith’s other book was influenced by a Paul Klee exhibition she went to recently, and makes use of her photos of asemic marks created by snow beginning to melt on a mountain, alongside her own painted marks.

Judith 2

Jane’s work-in-progress “Build bridges, not walls” will be a construction kit with instructions in many languages!

Karen made a tunnel-book inspired by a lovely set of bridges in Surrey.


As usual, the bring-and-share lunch was spectacularly good! After lunch, Karen demonstrated the making of a winged accordion structure and we all got rather carried away with excitement …

Next month the topic is “Over the edge” (how odd that we were talking earlier about fore-edge painting) and we’ll be meeting at the Dove on Saturday 10th February. Pauline will lead the afternoon mini-workshop.

January Dove-droppings

I’m bored with my fastenings
deliciously fat
I wish I could photosynthesise

it’s that rusty brown colour
if you speed it up
you get squishy squashy books

you become the bridge
a pond-dweller
a year of proofs

I was stuck on bridges but then
he left me in charge of the sheep
and I visited his grave in Yokohama

any hammer will do
just give it a bang
in three directions on scrap paper

the lost words
were written through water
on a street of seven bridges


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