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ABCD “Connection”

November 18, 2017

Ten of us met in the Print Room today. A damp and chilly morning but there was hot coffee, there were stollen and flapjacks and good company and lots of books.

Carol had made a stab-bound book of connections (and one disconnection) illustrated with rubber stamps and connected with black threads. The cover was a lovely bit of marbling.

Caroline, a seasoned sailor of tall ships, decorated a box with knots and photos of ropes, and filled it with rigging and sails

Clare’s book of connections in Pentire Wood was illustrated with rubber stamps and joined with red threads.

Janine brought three books. The one below uses ribbons, buckles, hooks-and-eyes, press-studs and buttons to express the theme of connection

Janine’s book on last month’s theme draws on her memories of making cushions from gorgeous fabrics at Nice Irma’s in sunny Goodge Street in the 1970s.

Janine’s third book was a loose zigzag connected by a strip of hessian sacking and footpath-like lines of stitches. It had a wonderful smell.

Both Judy’s books were rather flower-like. One was made from interconnecting zigzag strips of map, which can be arranged in a variety of shapes, and the other combines folds and curves in a book-form that seems to ask to be rotated.

Judy 1

Karen made a very neat construction of four connected books that fold into a box shape. Each one is about one of the festivals in Wells, and they open up into a cruciform  that suggests the floor-plan of Wells Cathedral.

When I got home I discovered that unfortunately I don’t have any photos of Pauline’s work. She brought a book in which collaged fragments of woodcuts connected from page to page, and spoke of a project based on the history of letter-forms, and handwriting-related connections within her family history.

Jane too has an idea in mind. We all thought it was a good idea!

I have been busy with other things but I did bring a work in progress, a collaboration with my grandson, who suggested this week that we should make a book together. Though still at pre-school, he knows how to use an awl and is quicker than I am to thread a needle.

Bron has been busy preparing for exhibitions (see below) but offered us a useful new word: discontached.

Dove Artists e -flyer


After lunch Janine demonstrated the use of Lesley Riley’s Transfer Artist Paper, a versatile means of transferring images to fabric or difficult paper.

Next month we meet on Saturday 9th and the theme is “loose ends”.

November Dove-droppings

Irma la Douce
meandering from A to B
I wish I could get my life like that

it sort of does things
a collapsing star
holes at each bend

how to make a human
with plastic buckles
nicked from a skip

joined-up writing
my blue-stocking grandmother
was an ink-monitor

nostalgia is on the drawing board
books are about protecting and revealing
Ovid’s poetry of exile

I got carried away this time
the smell of hessian
won’t go through the printer


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  1. Karen Young permalink
    November 19, 2017 8:51 am

    What a lovely session that was. Thank you so much for your report! X

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