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ABCD: Nostalgia

November 2, 2017

Artists’ Book Club Dove met recently to share the books we had, or had not, made on the topic of “Nostalgia”.

I showed the folded spirals illustrated in the previous post.

Carol spoke of her personal nostalgia for the good old days when we were trying to save the world from nuclear weapons. Her book about the women’s peace camp at Greenham Common is a Secret Belgian binding with photos, monoprints and cutouts.

Caroline used a double-square of Indian embroidery to cover her book of material memories – samples of fabric paired with quotations.


Clare found the subject of nostalgia a thorny one. Eventually she mined her past as a feltmaker and came up with a powerfully expressive book of thorns. The quotation on the back cover, translated from Anglo-Saxon, reads ” Strong are the roots of the briar/ so that my arms are broken/ working at them again and again.”

Judy mined on old dictionary and created a secret compartment inside it for two little books and some objects with a freight of memory.

Karen made a flag-book about evocative smells and tastes, incorporating a poem written for the occasion by her husband Ross.


Judith made a large and a small flag-book from her photos of reflections in Iceland.

Several members were eloquent about the books they had not made …

Lunch, as usual, was a rich sensory experience …

Lunch 2

After lunch we folded some spirals!

The next meeting will be on November 18th and the topic will be “Connection”.

October Dove-droppings

a murmur of book-makers
is it a goose
it was completely involuntary

look back in joy
the book I didn’t make
this book bites

we were trying to save the world
the village was a drawing-board

secret Belgian
cut out the middle
I’m actually a bit lost for words

the busyness of finishing things
Julie Christie’s bedroom
in a castle in Sweden

other people’s memories
too many chapters
we choose to unknow

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