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Dove Tales remade

April 20, 2017

Dove Tales summer 2015

Five members of Artists’ Book Club Dove met in Wells on Wednesday to give our outdoor book “Dove Tales” a new incarnation. We began by sitting in the sunshine in Janine’s garden and pooling ideas. I didn’t have any ideas, so that made the process a bit quicker.

Karen’s idea of dovetailing the pages together worked on a small scale but the pages themselves with their layers of paper, scrim, glue and varnish were too stiff. The structure clearly had potential, though. Worth keeping in mind for another project.

Clare brought a shoe-box full of basketry experiments with strips of paper. Again, a lovely technique, but the pages were not flexible enough for this to be an option.

Jane brought books with pictures for inspiration. One of them had a photo of the lattice walls of a yurt. By an amicable Quakerish vote-free process we worked toward a design, made a maquette and started measuring and cutting. We used four of the six pages. Details of weathered indigo-dyeing and fragments of faded handwriting and block-printed text acquired fresh significance and beauty.

When we ran out of steam we had some lunch. By about 3pm it was finished and rolled up ready to take to the Dove on Saturday.


It’s odd how these collaborations invariably start with a burst of creative thinking, move on into lively discussion, and settle into a pattern of  physically taxing repetitive tasks. Measure, make template, mark, cut, measure, make template, punch holes, assemble, insert paper-fasteners, suck sore thumb, rub aching back, repeat, repeat, repeat. Ah, but the pleasure of working in a sunny garden with good friends, and the satisfaction when the job is done!

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  1. Karen Young permalink
    April 20, 2017 9:07 pm

    Thanks Ama for a lovely blog – it was a happy day!

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