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Bookmarks: day 16

March 16, 2017

Lisa Olsen of Belmont Massachusetts made these bookmarks. I love what she has to say about her work –

In an essay on the qualities that literature might possess, Italo Calvino writes about “the poetry of the invisible, of infinite unexpected possibilities—even the poetry of nothingness.” In an essay about the poetry of post-war Poland, Czeslaw Milosz writes “there is a search for a line beyond which only a zone of silence exists.” These are things I would aspire to capture—a delicate edge, a thing almost invisible, almost intangible, and heartbreakingly tenuous.

Always mindful of the unclear nature of this quest, I find that intuition is my best guide and that subtle attention to each formal element is essential. A color, a texture, a juxtaposition or a pacing can add or detract. Metaphor is often a useful tool; a simple image can be rich with meaning. A folded leaf, an animal’s paw, a chart or a graph, a hand wrapped in a bandage all says more than literal meanings imply. But the key may be to find a way to invite viewers to enter the mysterious abstractions of their own minds filled with hidden fragments of memory and dreams.

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