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Poetry Almanac 2016

November 16, 2016

Thanks to Susan Sims of Poetry Space, I have a poem in this year’s Poetry Almanac – a comprehensive guide to poetry publishers and organisations in Britain. It was written eight years ago on a blustery walk in the Quantocks, and was awarded first prize in last year’s Poetry Space competition by the judge John Siddique.


sunshine on late roses,
a queue of swallows on the wire,
the sky washed clean and spread to dry,
she finds his gloves in the hall-table drawer:
leather moulded to the curl of his palms.

The smell of him.
Left, right, she draws them on.
Key deep in one pocket, jar in the other,
she gathers boots, lead, walking-stick.
The spaniel dances at the door.

On the hill the wind shakes leaves
and jackdaws out of the sycamores.
Her coat flaps flightless wings.
She climbs until the sea
rises into sight, a flake of silver.

The dog bounces through heather.
Clouds hurry into the east.
Her gloved hands unscrew the lid
and tilt the jar. The last of his dust
streams out on the wind.


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  1. Jane Paterson permalink
    November 17, 2016 7:53 am

    Very beautiful, well done Ama.

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