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A day in Bridport

October 17, 2016

Three of us from Artists Book Club Dove went to see the exhibition “Beyond the Page” in Bridport. It’s a big show in a big gallery and there was plenty to admire. Here are a few glimpses.
Top row left: Amaranth Borsuk (Seattle USA) “Sunt Lacrimae Rerum”, paper and acrylic box, a book in homage to and in mourning for Baghdad’s street of booksellers.
Top row right: Bronwen Bradshaw, “Letters from Japan”, concertina flag book.
Second row: Clare Diprose, “Wood Notes – Pentire Wood Poems”, design inspired by the tree-postboxes of childhood when notes were tucked into cracks in bark. Illustrated with hand-cut rubber stamps.
Third row left: Jane Paterson, “Penny Post ABC”, wooden letter blocks printed onto copies of the artist’s great-great-grandmother’s penny-post letter of the 1830s. In the foreground is Hazel Grainger’s “A second series of small admissions”.
Third row top right: Judith Staines “Found”, paste-papers, paper, cardboard.
Third row lower right: Lorraine Bowley “Royal Fleet”, sewing machine, sewing ephemera, old books, found objects, matchboxes.
Fourth row top and middle left: “What I did Instead”, flag-book by Nesta Rendall Davies.
Fourth row bottom left: “kitaab” by rhturnbull (furious day press, New York) and “The Octopus would like to put a stop to us” an utterly delicious book by Otto Dettmer.
Fourth row right: Nina Gronw Lewis, scroll made from woven found letters, found brass letterbox.

My books for this exhibition can be seen in a previous post.

Below: one of Bridport’s many bookshops.

Below: hard to tell what is growing and what is painted in the courtyard of the Soulshine Cafe where we had a lovely lunch. It’s at 76 South Street.

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