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A new Chapbook from Beau Beausoleil

July 31, 2016

Compass bw

I’m happy and proud to announce a new chapbook from Beau Beausoleil, founder of
the Al-Mutanabbi Street Coalition. Thirty new poems are printed on ‘Metaphor’
recycled paper and hand-bound. The cover photo is by Carolyne Charrington.

Compass open

These are clear-eyed, uncompromising poems of startling beauty, poems in which language is pared to the bone and each line can lead the reader into a new place, into heartbreak or wonder.

Edition of two hundred copies, available for $15 in USA from overlandbooks(at)

UK and the rest of the world – contact barleybooks(at) £10 by sterling cheque or Paypal only. Postage payable outside UK.


you said
bring me to that place

where we can sweep the words
into each corner

where we can sleep
as the blood dries over us

but I haven’t seen you
since that day
and now is the third hour again
and tomorrow the third year

and my kitchen prayers are not easy

and it is only wonder
that takes me past each darkness

                                                                              Beau Beausoleil

These poems have the qualities of the first light of morning: clear, intense, and essential.
~ DUNYA MIKHAIL, poet and editor

Beau’s poems plunge us into the blind darkness of loss, where we have only the tendrils of each slender, living poem to guide us through the grimness of our world. We peer through the blood on the windows, we name those who gather in the shadows around us, and “the blood dries over us” in our sleep. It is a poetry that allows us to reckon with the public and private dead, but one that can also steer us to wonder. These are poems for the missing, but they are also poems that help us find our way past the darkness, as when a tree slides off the page “and put / its roots / near you”.
~ M LYNX QUALEY, writer, editor, literary activist

This book is a meditative work, not only about actual and present things, but about those who are absent, whom the poet calls the disappeared: I am listening/ to your disappearance’ he writes and ‘the disappeared are there’. Thus, ‘their shaded voices’ can be heard in these poems ‘amid the mountains’. All of this happens in a ‘bare room’ where the bareness, both poetically and humanly, mirrors those who are absent.
In Compass, Beau Beausoleil produces a kind of unity between life as a real experience and the poem’s message as a metaphorical one.








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  1. Sue Waterhouse permalink
    December 8, 2017 12:07 pm

    Hello, do you still have copies of “Compass” available please?

  2. December 12, 2017 8:16 pm

    Yes,I have 17 copies! Please write to me at barleybooks(at)

    Thanks, Ama


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  2. Only seventeen of these left in my studio | barleybooks

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