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Books at the Dove last weekend

June 13, 2016

Jane and I arranged the books on Thursday ready for the opening on Friday. Each of the monthly topics had its own space. Here are a few of them.


Here are Jane’s tree made from the letters of Alexander Pope and her book of photos of initials and other graffiti carved into tree-trunks in Combe Wood, Nina’s two twig-books, Judy’s New Forest map-in-a-box, Karen’s accordion-book of Christmas trees, and my “Lost”. I can’t attribute the book on the right -maybe one of you can tell me?


Clockwise from lower left: my two little Isle of Lewis stone albums in slipcase, Caroline’s zigzag book, Jane’s slate book, Karen’s book of carved stone Green Men and Nina’s tiny book with matching pebble, and two more from Caroline.


Clockwise from lower left: Caroline’s study of Tidal Resonance,  Jane’s piano-hinge zigzag about the booming bitterns, a glimpse of my slate wind-chime book hung in the window, Nina’s crepitating sound-wave and Janine’s resonating colours.

Minibooks Jane Clare Ama

Some of the mini-books we made for “Amazing Space” last year, including Jane’s cloth book of rust prints, Clare’s rubber-stamp-illustrated book of an incident with a bullock, and my “Trees have Eyes” and “Dove-droppings”.

minibooks Ama Janine Karen

More mini-books by Janine and Karen.


Many of these blue books are the result of our work with Jane’s indigo vat last summer.

Afterwards and cats

Jane’s atmospheric sculptural works were inspired by an abandoned greenhouse and the bleached and desiccated plants left in it. Clare’s book in the form of a folding house is a poignant reminder of an empty home. And a clutch of “Cat” books: don’t let the cat out of the bag!





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  1. Karen Young permalink
    June 13, 2016 9:10 pm

    Dear Ama Lovely post of the exhibition last weekend! Thank you. No chance of any photos of Swithering books I suppose?- I have double checked that my Scottish Referendum red tartan cover book is not at home – maybe it will turn up somewhere in the studio. It had my sticker with name and address on it. Hey Ho! Love Karen

    Sent from my iPad


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