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ABCD Stone(d)

April 2, 2016


Artists Book Club Dove met at Jane’s house in Glastonbury in March.
Our topic was “Stoned”.


Jane made a book of petroglyphs on pieces of slate joined with Coptic knots, learnt while repairing a book from Ethiopia.

Clare brought a Coptic-sewn sketchbook recording a recent stay in Wales,

and a book of papers, coursework for the first week of Rachel Hazell’s Paperlove course.

Caroline brought a Mani-stone she had painted in Greece, a book of photos of and sayings about stone,

Caroline 3

and a stab-bound book of her etchings of Ham Hill (source of a local building stone).

Nina had made two delightful tree-themed twig-books.

I brought two tiny folded gallery-books in a simple folded slip-case. Each displays nine photographs from Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. Gneiss is the predominant rock locally, a spectacularly banded and textured metamorphic rock 3 billion years old – 2/3 as old as the Earth itself. Calanais (Callanish) is a prehistoric stone circle.

Next month: Resonance.




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  1. Karen Young permalink
    April 3, 2016 11:58 am

    Dear Ama (and Janine) Gosh what a lovely collection of stoned! I am very impressed – have yet to do mine – (it was my word if you hadn’t guessed.) I am improving slowly and hope to go to the next meeting – I gather it will be at Rowena’s?..On 16th April – however I will have to see and unfortunately don’t think I will be driving by then. Maybe, Janine will be going and could take us. Hey ho, speak before then.. Love Karen

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