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Swans, spindle-berries, apples and mittens

October 13, 2015

Ten swans

Swans and cygnets on the moat in Wells this week.

Spindleberries at the Dove

Spindle-berries at the Dove.

Apples at the Dove

Apples at the Dove.

The poet Linda France’s latest post on her blog “Botanical” has photos of apples at Hexham Farmers’ Market and a glimpse of a very nice pair of stripey mittens. They look a bit like the ones I make. I improvised a pattern when I came back from my first visit to Shetland with some local wool. Since then I’ve made dozens of pairs. It’s something to do on the bus! Here’s one in the making. The one on the right is felted and finished with a button from Fernie, British Columbia.

Mittens for Pamela


madder small

For these I dyed the wool with madder. For the ones below the wool was dyed with turmeric and walnut.

turmeric walnut small

Linda has an intriguing poetry project to do with apple memories. At a poetry workshop last year we pooled thoughts about apples, cut them down the middle and re-combined the lines. This was one result.

Smooth skin of November
snow-white flesh streaked with red.

In the arms of a tree
feel its need to be pollinated.

Oak-apple’s a cure for cooking or eating:
wine instead of a meal.

Adam and Eve at the base of the stalk.
The seeds contain a book.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. October 15, 2015 9:43 am

    Hello there! Thanks for this mention.
    I’ve made ‘trees’ like this before – it’s a good way of encouraging folk who don’t think of themselves as writers to get involved, be part of a conversation. And they look lovely with their luggage label leaves. The mittens, by the way, are from the other end of the country to yours – a rather nice Cornish company called Seasalt. These look beautiful and I love the idea of wearing something dyed with turmeric and walnut!
    Warm wishes, Lx

  2. October 18, 2015 10:18 pm

    Thank you for visiting! I like Seasalt too…

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