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July 14, 2015

indigo001  The dove-like shape, lower left, was accidental.

For Amazing Space, celebrating 45 years of creativity at the Dove Studios this Sept-Oct, ABCD members were invited to make a book or books to fit in a small IKEA drawer. Together we have created a Librarium. My small edition is called Dove-droppings. Each book is roughly 11cm square. The titles were printed on tissue-paper and then pasted on.

oakleaf001  Darker colour, top right, obtained from last year’s leaves.

The content is a poem-like collage of fragments of conversation from eight monthly meetings of Artists Book Club Dove and printed on Exotic Papers’ straw paper. The thick Khadi paper covers, some of them first dipped in an indigo vat, were contact-dyed with leaves (mostly oak) and bark (willow and yew) collected at the Dove.

indigo002   I like the complexity of these.


Matisse Braque and Miro
domes with mottoes
pennants flying

in the wind-tunnels
watercolour and stamps
the unexpected visitor

a theatre in a book
a box fastened
with a crow-feather

into the text
a red door opens
a kingfisher flies out

oakleaf002  Top right – dyed first with a square of fresh willow-bark and then with fresh oak leaves.

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