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Starting to make the pages

June 20, 2015

We are making six pages, each of them 12 square feet. That’s 1080000 in the new money. There’s inflation for you.

Caroline and Judith tamping-down wet-strength tissue after pasting it to stretched scrim.

We spread the pages on the grass to dry. Rose-petals drifted on and stayed put.
The second stage was to paste tissue to the other side of the scrim. The pages dried out over lunch.


After lunch we created the first layer of collage, using some of the paper we dyed yesterday. Each of us moved on at frequent intervals from one page to the next, in order not to become attached to or possessive about any page. It’s a liberating way of working, knowing that whatever doesn’t work can be painted or pasted over. The next stage will be to complete the collages over a weekend in July, adding more paper, paint, writing and photographs and incorporating cords to attach the pages to their willow-and-hazel framework. Meanwhile the stitchers among us will make some way-marker pennants from our indigo-dyed cloth.

More photos on Bron’s blog.


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