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ABCD Design meeting

May 24, 2015


Eleven of us met at The Dove yesterday in warm sunshine. In the morning we heard Pauline‘s story of this very special place from 1970 to 1977, and Bronwen’s account of her life there since 1977: 45 years of inspiration and vision, opportunities and chance meetings, highs and lows; 45 years of deep commitment to creativity and education.

After a colourful ABCD lunch, Jane showed us her latest model of the giant book we are going to make together for Somerset Art Weeks. The figure just visible on the left gives the scale. The photo above shows part of the hedge that will be the backdrop.

book model

Jane had made samples of weather-resistant page construction – below is a combination of wet-strength tissue-paper, PVA and printmakers’ scrim, with indigo-dyed mulberry paper, emulsion paint and stitching, and string included between the layers.

sample page 1

Another sample, made from PVA-glued layers of newspaper, hemp paper and scrim, painted with emulsion.

sample page 2

We are assembling materials to collage into our pages. Judith had made some paper from willow bast (inner bark) harvested at The Dove last month.

Judith willow paper

Janine had experimented with contact-dyeing paper using willow stripples, pansy flowers and tulip petals. Click on the photos to enlarge.

Janine 1

Janine 2

Janine 3

Janine 4

Caroline brought some muslin she had printed.


She had also made marks on a piece of stripped willow using a pyrography tool.

Caroline pyrography

Clare has been making fine strong twine from willow bast. She wasn’t with us yesterday, but here is the photo she sent.

Clare willow twine

More photos on Bron’s blog.

Next month we’ll have an indigo vat dyeing Friday with Jane, followed by a Saturday of page construction. The following month we’ll spend a weekend making the willow and hazel framework, attaching the pages, making holes in the ground for the uprights, and raising the book into place …
Quote of the day: “It’s going to be like a bad day at a camp-site putting up a big tent.”

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  1. May 25, 2015 12:37 pm

    It looks splendid already, I’m sure it’ll be fantastic!


  1. ABCD Design Meeting | Bronwen Bradshaw

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