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ABCD April meetings

April 25, 2015

On 8 April several of us gathered at The Dove for a day of pollarding and willow-stripping. Here is the row of willows before pollarding. Willows 1 And this is what they looked like by the end of the day. It looks brutal, but in fact it vastly extends the tree’s life-expectancy as well as ensuring an endless supply of fuel/charcoal/ash for glazes/ material for basketry and sculpture. Willows 2 We produced stripped poles, a woven piece and a big heap of bark-strippings. stripped Today, 25 April, we mostly planned our collaborative work for Somerset Art Weeks – an outdoor book you can walk around in – and shared some work-in-progress. The flow of ideas became a torrent … Caroline brought an altered book Caroline 1  Caroline 2 and some scans of willow bark. Caroline 3 Caroline 4 I brought some Khadi paper accordion folds contact-dyed with materials found at The Dove –oak oak leaves yew bark yew bark willow bark fresh willow bark Note the difference in colour between the upper and lower surfaces of the oak leaf, and the inner and outer sides of the yew bark. I soaked the paper and the plant material in soft water, inserted the plant material between the zigzags of folded paper and sandwiched it between two boards held together with elastic bands, then steamed for at least an hour. No mordant is needed, but mordants if used would alter the colour produced. I’ll try that next … steamer I used the same method with a handful of Karen’s “stripples” – shreds of willow-bark that was stripped last year. I cut them into short lengths and arranged them on the paper. stripples 1  stripples Plenty to inspire us in this artist‘s work! Bron has some exciting news … read all about it here! PS. Judith has identified my stripple-scribbles as Buginese. This endangered Indonesian script consists entirely of diagonal strokes, no doubt to avoid following the grain of the palm-leaves on which it was written. The Bugis people of Sulawesi  were great seafarers and mapped the South East Asia coast long before most people got there.

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  1. April 26, 2015 7:23 pm

    wonderful work, as ever, and what exciting news about the Dove!


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