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Friday in Exeter

January 31, 2015


I spent another day in Exeter this week with printmaker Catherine Cartwright pulling together the content for The Book of Justice for the Ancient Sunlight project. We are such a good team! It took only a few hours to choose which of the young people’s prints should accompany the various stanzas of their collaborative poem, make a mock-up of the eventual book and create a monotype for each page of text.


These were taped up on a window to dry briefly before we took the whole collection to The Phoenix, where Rob Darch photographed all the work.

As I had some free time before catching the train back to Bristol I went to the Royal Albert Memorial Museum to see Faces of Conflict, an exploration of the influence on artists and surgeons of the facial injuries suffered during the First World War. The exhibition brings together collections of historical objects and artworks from the last hundred years, including works by the artists George Grosz and Wyndham Lewis and specially commissioned works by Paddy Hartley. This was harrowing (I left the gallery in tears) but so important. It’s on until April 5th, and everyone should see it! This is what our grandfathers and great-grandfathers went through and everyone said “Never again,” but to no avail. People are still enthusiastically blowing one another to bits.


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