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January 29, 2015

Artists’ Book Club at the Dove met on Saturday to share cat-related book-works. I made two rough-and-ready books from recycled packaging. Both are one-offs/prototypes. The first was made from coffee-cup holders collected during my many train-journeys between Bristol and Exeter. They seemed to be asking to be made into a book. The orange and white colouring was already there and I just painted the background and wrote the words with a Zig pen. On the inside pages I wrote the words first and then thought of painting the background, so there are some very strange-looking tigers in there; most of them are more bovine than feline! Someone mentioned that the tiger population in the foothills of the Himalayas has increased by 30%; could it be that they are surviving by disguising themselves as cows?

Ama 1

My second book was made from a random bit of cardboard cut into four pieces and painted. I think the form of this book was influenced by my grandson’s reading-matter. But hey! He recognised the cat as a cat, and wasn’t spooked by the balaclava.

Ama 2 

The words on the last page are adapted from a nursery rhyme

Ding, dong, bell,
Pussy’s in the jail.
Who put her in?
Little Vlad Putin.
Who’ll pull her out?
Amnesty, no doubt.
What a naughty boy was that,
To imprison pussy cat,
Who ne’er did any wrong,
But frightened all the mice
with her fearless song.


Ama 3

Caroline’s is about “letting the cat out of the bag”. By the time I finish writing this post, Caroline will be in Australia. Pat and Rowena were not with us because Pat is in Sri Lanka and Rowena is in Australia.


Judith, on the other hand, is newly back from Laos. Her one-sheet folded book contains photos of Laotian cats, catfish and a Hello Kitty hoodie!

Judith 1

Jane made a scroll entitled “Raining Cats and Dogs”. The animals were printed with home-made rubber stamps.


Clare’s concertina book about her new kitten is also printed with home-made rubber stamps. It has a cat-flap on the front cover.


Karen rescued an old book from a school library and folded the pages to create a word at the fore-edge.


And she made a Catalogue of words beginning with “cat”.

Karen catalogue

Gill made a long painting of her cat asleep and folded it into a concertina.

Gill 1

Her other book was made long ago about a cat called Spotty who used to live at The Dove.

Gill 2

After a sumptuous lunch, Jane demonstrated her method of printing with home-made ink-pads using a mixture of acrylic paint and screenprint-medium. We all had a go.

Demo 1

Demo 2

Demo 3

Next month’s word is “Afterwards”.


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