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ABCD “Unexpected”

October 18, 2014

It was good to be back at The Dove Studios after a long summer break. Bron has returned from a short visit to the South of France brimming with exciting (and unexpected) new ideas for The Dove’s renaissance, and the rest of us brought the books and bookish things we’d made, inspired by this month’s theme.

Clare brought three sketchbooks from her summer travels to Scilly and the Yorkshire Dales and elsewhere,

Clare sketchbooks

and a print-on-demand book recording a visit to the wind-tunnels at Farnborough, where both her parents were involved in testing planes during WW2,

Clare Wind Tunnels

and a beautifully watercolour-painted and rubber-stamped zigzag book about an unexpectedly rewarding visit to “the dull part” of Shapwick Heath.

Clare Shapwick

Karen had been struck down by unexpected shingles, so with characteristic good humour she made a flutter-book containing photos of … specimens of shingle.

Karen Unexpected Shingles

Judith unexpectedly attended a 2-day workshop with the incomparable Paul Johnson.

Judith tunnel

Judith theatre

Judith had also made an altered book from a copy of “We Die Alone” – the interior was certainly unexpected.

Judith We Die Alone

Gill had made a box, its lid fastened with a crow-feather. The exterior showed Stonehenge and its surroundings, with an aerial view on the top. Inside was an unexpected visitor: Barak Obama.

Gill box top

Gill Stonehenge

Janine’s flutter-book was full of unexpected and entertaining images, such as an elephant attempting to board a bus.

Janine Unexpected

Caroline made two works from an old paperback. The front cover illustration featured a red rectangle, which now forms a door opening onto a little box cut in the text. The cut-out bits of the pages have been loosely bound and boxed as “Unexpected Remains”.

Caroline Dahl Tales

In addition, she made an exuberant sculptural multi-layered painted and collaged collection of domes, with Taoist mottoes flying like pennants. I should have photographed the back, which was lined with a sheet of newspaper printed in Hindi … or was it Urdu?

Caroline domes

Caroline domes detail

My book is begun but not finished, so I’ll write about it in another post.

The word picked out of the basket for next month is SWITHERING. Go on, look it up!


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  1. October 19, 2014 9:03 am

    Thank you Ama, I love seeing all these wonderful images and hearing what my superbly talented friends get up to. An inspired and inspiring bunch.

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