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ABCD: Booking the cooks

May 18, 2014

Nine book artists met at the Dove yesterday to put together sixty copies of our cookbook “Cooking and Booking”. In about four working hours we transformed these stacks of collated pages …

Photo by Bronwen Bradshaw

Photo by Bronwen Bradshaw

… into these flutter-books, which will be on sale at the Dove summer show, 6-8 June 2014.
See invitation below.


In between the folding and sticking sessions we had time to look at this month’s new books: Caroline’s delightful triangular book that unfolds the story of a small delta with big ambitions, Karen’s “3000 Feet” celebrating all the Munros,  Janine’s “Feet” … an anthology of pictures of feet – old feet, baby feet, dancing feet, resting feet – and my set of seven small poems “Love in the Ice Age”.

e-invite Dove Show 2014

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