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ABCD: Hail

May 8, 2014

Seven members of the group met on 26 April, bringing books made on the theme of Hail and pages to contribute to our collaborative recipe book “Cooking and Booking”. I was unavoidably elsewhere, but Bron sent these photos. She writes:

Hail was (for me unexpectedly) fascinating, and I’ve attached an image of some of the work.
We made a unilateral decision to open all the remaining topics in the basket, and are offering them to the group as single topics for next time, or maybe all at once topics: they are –

Cooking and Booking: we made a mock-up of the book with the pages that have been completed, and I’ve attached a couple of photos. All seven of us today are on board, plus Ama and Clare who sent in work. Caroline is about to get a definitive quote for the printing of the book. We will be putting it together next meeting (17th May) and selling it at the Dove Show (7&8 June) for £5 a copy. We are very pleased with it!






My 3-fold booklet “Haegl” (back left in the first photo above) encloses a poem inspired by Anglo-Saxon riddle poems. The text is printed on Elliepoo 110gsm, and the cover is Lana Colours Bleu Ciel. The “hailstones” are cut with a Japanese screw-punch from Hewits. It is a lovely tool to use.


Haegl inside

This book has sparked off a small series of booklets in the same format, each with a Norse or Anglo-Saxon rune as its title, and each with a different colour of Lana card for the cover. I think there may be one more on the way …

Rune books

PS. Now there are seven! They will be on sale (separately or as a set) at The Dove, 7th and 8th June.

7 poems

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