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ABCD: Fragments

December 15, 2013

Seven members of the Artists’ Book Club at the Dove met today, 14th December, to share a festive meal and to show work made in response to the word “Fragments”.

Clare Diprose started the session with her book “Slate Fence”, which she had brought to the October meeting. It is now complete, with the addition of a few more fragments of collage and text, paint and oil-pastel. It is a powerful evocation of a Welsh landscape. Its single page is a flexible and very tactile representation of a fence made of slabs of slate wired together.

Clare Slate Fence 1

Clare is one of the finest poets I know. On turning the page, the reader finds a poem on the back of the fence.

Clare Slate fence 2

A window in the front cover gives a glimpse of what’s inside,

Clare Slate Fence 3

and the title is on the back cover

Clare Slate fence 4

An offshoot of “Slate Fence” is a tunnel-book called “Choughs”. I should have knelt on the floor to photograph this properly.

Clare Choughs 2

Karen Young’s elegant stab-bound book “Fragments” has a hinged front cover and contains fragments of fabric and short quotations from Shelley on recycled paper with visible fragments of its former use.

A single word, even, may be a spark of inextinguishable thought.

Karen Fragments 1

Her second book has a thick and flexible cover, a kind of carapace woven from strips of folded paper. Inside is a single section of blank pages.

Karen Fragments 2

My Coptic-sewn book “Piecing it Together” is about a patchwork quilt my mother made in the last year of her life. The book-cloth for the front and back covers incorporates some of the left-over pieces of fabric.

Ama Piecing it Together

Caroline Mornement brought “Alonnisos: fragments of the day”, a quietly lyrical accordion-book in a box

Caroline Alonnisos

and a drawstring-box full of coloured fragments strung together like the tail of a kite

Caroline Box of fragments

and a scroll made of fragments of drawings stitched together; this one has the feel of a piece of decorated hide.

Caroline Scroll

Judith Staines has assembled some prints made with pieces of wood type, and produced two copies of “A Book of Js” – colourful, exuberant and endearingly imperfect!

Judith a book of Js

Jane Paterson has begun to compile a simple album of childhood memories in pictorial form – the view from a window with a single tree on a hill marking the boundary of the known, the waves on a cornfield sea as seen from a den high in an elm tree, the yellowness of buttercups, the strange fairytale faces formed by cracks in the bedroom ceiling … Jane uses whatever simple materials come to hand, and her work is consistently intuitive, imaginative, engaging, risky, full of vitality.

Jane Fragments


Bronwen Bradshaw habitually works from fragments. She has been assembling fragments of her music and of recent photos – but they have not quite reached the state of bookness.

Below are some of the books from today. We’ll be thinking about “Sailing” as a theme for next month.

Fragments collection

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  1. December 15, 2013 7:39 pm

    wonderful as always. Please send Jane P my best regards xxx

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