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A reading at John Rylands

June 10, 2013


Just look at those beautiful ligatures! I do love a nice ligature. I get the feeling that no expense was spared in the building of this library. Every detail is well-executed.

Peter and I travelled to sunny Manchester last Friday to meet Beau and his wife Andrea and to attend the evening event in the library. Beau eloquently talked us through a slide-show and assured us that “This project is not going home”: the Al-Mutanabbi Street Coalition does not have a simple achievable goal and there will never be a point at which we can turn our backs on the murder and destruction that took place on March 5th 2007. There cannot be “closure” and this is neither a healing project nor an anti-war project; it is a continuing act of witness. To many it is a continuing irritant.

Sarah Irving and I read from the anthology Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here. I had the great pleasure of meeting Sarah, who writes a thoughtful, courageous and articulate blog, printmaker Theresa Easton and Rae Street, who is campaigning against the use of the depleted uranium weapons that are doing incalculable harm to combatants and civilians alike in Iraq.

The exhibition is on show at the John Rylands until the 29th July, when up to 50 of the books will be on display at Newcastle’s Lit & Phil from 5th August until 30th September. See Theresa’s post here.

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