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ABCD cooking and booking part 2: Seed

May 19, 2013

After a sumptuous meal in the sunshine, we returned to the studio to see the books that had been made in response to the word for May, which was “Seed”.

Clare’s book is a long slender stab-bound volume printed with rubber stamps. Here it is, with its slip-case.

Clare seed

Clare brought “Late Summer Journal”, too, with its single runner-bean seed. Click on the photo to enlarge it and see those gorgeous wavy edges.

Clare summer journal

Karen made a very colourful book inspired by seed-packets and catalogues, “Flowers Grown from Seed”. Tiny booklets are concealed inside it, like seeds in a pod.

Karen seed

She also showed us the hanging book  that she has made for the South-West Textile Group‘s forthcoming exhibition “Suspension” at the Bristol Guild. Her five painted and stitched pictures show scenes of the Somerset Levels during a long winter of disastrous flooding.

Karen flood 2

Karen flood

Judith continues to produce astonishing books. This one has an astonishing true story behind it. Her “Seeds of an Idea” is kimono-shaped and the boards are covered with a kimono fabric. The pages inside are printed on calico.

Judith seeds


My book “Seed” is very small – 5x6cm – a quick prototype cut from very ordinary white card and drawn with a pen. Unusually for me, it contains no text.





Unfortunately I didn’t get a good photo of Jane’s charming, fluttery, wordless book of a day in the life of a dandelion seed.

Other treats of the day were Judith’s folded paper ear-rings

Judith ear-ring

and the information shared, which included

Abey Smallcombe ‘Earth Architects’ with an exhibition on at the Devon Guild “A Library of Earthly Delights” until 26 May

information on how to prepare fabric to run through your printer

the Francois Matarasso website “Parliament of Dreams”

Wordle for creating word-clouds

John Speight’s paper-cut art

and Imi Maufe’s richly rewarding website

and, as ever, the magical surroundings at The Dove, with apple and quince and lilac in full bloom.

Talking of which, next month’s word is “Magic”!


Quince: how can such a beautiful flower have such a horrid smell?

Clare lilac

Clare’s colours blended into the lilac blossom.

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  1. May 20, 2013 12:24 pm

    What an inspired and inspirational group you all are! Love seeing and reading about these. Thank you again, Ama

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